Long Form & Content
Projects in development
Format: TV Show - 4 episodes - 25 minutes each
Language: Italian / Spanish
To be shot at: Argentina
Director: TBD
Co-produced with: TBD
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Little Italy

Three Italian CELEBRITIES travel around Argentina, coming across large cities, small towns; beautiful nature and heavy traffic. They will party, go sightseeing, indulge in local culture; maybe see a local band, perhaps attend a football game. As they arrive in every new city or town, they are greeted by a LOCAL HOST, a person of Italian descent.

The other great protagonist is the food (isn’t it always?). In each episode, one of our three travellers and the local host will cook a great banquet for their traveling partners and for every other local character that appeared during that episode. It is a lovely way for thanking them for their hospitality and for showing them all the secrets of the city in which they are. At the end of the meal, all the diners together with a big special guest will choose the winning dish: who expresses better the italianhood on their plate? The traveller or the local host?

This is not a “contest show”, but rather a journey. We will laugh with our three friends, we will be amazed with the places that they show us, we will be moved with the appearance of the Surprise Guest. At the end of the show, the viewers will feel that they have travelled with our TRAVELLERS; and that they enjoyed every minute of that journey.